Our History

Our commercial history began in the 1880’s at the city of Malatya located in Eastern Turkey. 

Omer Hulusi Baylar began by selling regular products at nearby villages from pens to needles that a regular villager would need in their daily lives. 

His son Suleyman Baylar moved to the city of Elazig and opened a very small 10 ft² shop. His two sons Abdurrahman and Osman helped him grow his business by joining him in 1944.

In 1981 the Istanbul branch was opened and in 1985 the company relocated to Istanbul. Around that time, we began importing pens and writing instruments from Italy and Germany.

Ali Baylar, who is the fourth generation, joined the company in 1991 and began importing pens from countries in the Far East and exporting to Middle Eastern and European countries.

Since 2000, Baylar has been the market leader in the Turkish Gifts and Promotional Products industry.

As the 5th generation, it is our honour to operate Baylar UK. We are at your service with our “Baylar Family Business Culture”.

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